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If you don't get on top of things things will get on top of you and things are getting on top of me. Hence why I am not writing volumes of text. But I did want to post these two pictures I took the other day to show one reason why I'm so happy to be here.


You see the light blue building to the right? I live in that. And to the left is the sea...That's how close I am.


Here is a pic I took when I had a wander outside.

I would like to be able to show you a picture of the empty attic apartment above my flat but I didn't get a shot in time when I snuck up there with the maintenance guys who are fixing my leak. It has original fireplace and some ancient wallpaper but it's otherwise a shell. No walls, just a wooden frame with floorboards missing here and there. Lovely thing about it though is it covers the entire floor from front to back so you get a sea view.

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I'm in Costa-Coffee on Sea ticking things off a to do list. Britain and I are still in second honeymoon mode. After so long in China I am appreciating what Britain PLC has to offer. Soft water straight from the tap, an orgy of old buildings, fresh air and more things to do. For example. Did I mention that when I came to Margate to look at the property I had a flutter in the arcade? There is one machine that's been around at least since I was officially a child and I always seem to win on. I put 4 pounds in and got 15 out on my day trip. When I was in Scarborough back in Jan/Feb I was also quids in. But I'm not going to make a habit of it. The deal between this machine and I is that I don't push my luck.
When I have time I'll give you more details about my current set up but here is a preview. The apartment building I live in is a ramshackle early Regency more likely early Victorian affair that appears to be shared with the long term unemployed and most of the apartments if not all seem to be let by the same property agency. When I moved in I encountered my nextdoor neighbour, who is sort of Dickensian in the sense that his relatively well spoken voice and gentle manner betrays a situation he was perhaps born into but has fallen from. He looked like the human form of a shipwreck in need of a lick of paint and I would guess addled by alcohol. There was a very spacious lady somewhere in her 50s who came to check her mail and I said hello to and who whispered a hello back. A young man dressed in chav style attire and with a fresh black eye attire held open the door for me. I'm blessed in as much as my apartment is down and behind a fire exit corridor, giving me a certain degree of shelter from noise pollution but I do get the dull thuds of someone who plays his music very loud. There are two mysterious wet patches on my bathroom wall but my apartment is otherwise in quite good shape. It's been freshly painted, the carpet is apparently new or near new. The windows are just fantastic. Three sash windows that are rotting away but quite possibly original. The frontdoor would not withstand much persuasion if someone wants to burgle me. The postbox downstairs is bust, I've asked the letting agency to get onto the landlord about it but won't hold my breath. There is no intercom in my flat so if the postman rings the buzzer he'll hear silence. A closer look at Margate to follow.


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Independence day


Tomorrow is the big day. Moving into new place after 6 months living with family. After that just got to find work and stay afloat...

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Quick update

It's been over a week since I was in Margate and things are moving slowly. This is in part due to the fact that the letting agency had a crisis and the person dealing with me walked out her job all of a sudden yesterday. I don't know if it's anything to do with Luis Suarez but I suppose it's possible. Meantime I'm paying for a guy to do Jeff's lines in my film. Quite honestly, Jeff was much better at playing himself, but at least I've got high quality sound... Later.

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Unexpected idiot in the bagging area

I have named my clock 'the grim reaper' as its loud ticks and tocks remind me of the steady march towards inevitable death. And being reminded of death is to be reminded of what to do with one's remaining life. I'm troubled by the New Testament proverb that states a servant cannot serve two masters. Of course it's a metaphor for the life material- one master- and the life spiritual, the other. Which is to say the direction of an individual's life can be inferred by which of these concepts their choices are underpinned by. Like most people, my life is essentially material.

I have very much been immersed in material thoughts this week. I've been watching cars on Ebay. You can pick up a one careful owner Escort with low mileage and no rust for less than 500, the insurance would probably be another 300. I've been thinking about what furniture to put in my apartment. My mum has a load of the stuff in her house she's happy to give me- from an old fashioned brass bed to a table lamp made out of wood that came down in the Great Storm of 1987. (I'll tell people that it was made from the storm of 1703). But here's the thing, I have made a little concession to the spiritual. I didn't really want to settle down south, because the south of England has the most frigid women in the world. And the men quite often want to kill you.

Cases in point. When I went to Margate on Thursday a woman was struggling to take a buggy up a steep flight of steps. It seemed cruel not to offer her help, which I did. "I can do it myself, thanks," she barked back at me aggressively. It was all in the tone of voice. Come to think of it, I also saw an amusing but slightly frightening situation when a fight nearly broke out between three girls, two walking in one direction, one walking in another. I only caught the aftermath, when words had already been exchanged. Two girls- maybe Romany- hard to say- gave a white lower working class girl a behind the back finger and sauntered off towards the eastern end of Northdown Road. The white girl stormed off in the other, but her anger was bubbling and after walking maybe 200 metres west she ran into a friend and said something like "Don't talk to me now, 2 cunts just fucking started on me- blah blah blah" and turned and quick marched back in their direction.

Margate is being gentrified. It has very nice eateries, stuff you don't need shops, art gallery, theatre and so on but also plenty of deprivation and a type of working class that I find hard to engage with without there being some sort of misunderstanding. For some reason, I don't find the same problem with Northerners that I've met. It could just be a fantasy of mine based on a lack of experience but now I won't know. I'm staying down south because my mother's partner wants me to be near my mother. I would have preferred Brighton with its arty and alternative scene but it's too expensive and Margate has a surprisingly cool Old Town. Another thing about Brighton, it has a Green MP. I've only voted once- Liberal- because Lewsisham had no Green candidate. The North East is predominantly Labour, which is also ok. Thanet is predominantly Tory. I don't think everything about Tory is bad- it's just a case of what suits me. I want to live in a place that has the best possibilities for dating, a job I won't hate and social life/hobbies. Maybe Margate isn't it but if I move there I'll give it my best shot.

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