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Drove up to Margate early to view small apartment at the top of an early Victorian hotel/boarding house.


If you look at the map you can see Margate on the far end of Kent's North East coast and London at far top left. It's about 80 miles as the herring gull flies.


The building was newly converted and there were still decorators in the flat I looked in and one very warped floor. I'd say it was built around the mid 1800s. Cost: 375 pounds a month. I put down a 100 pound holding fee, which keeps the place for 2 weeks. Sunderland is out.

Here are some pics of the Old Town.


If everything runs without hitches I should be there in July. I also looked at a late Victorian apartment overlooking Walpole Bay. Better in some respects- furnished/applicances, bigger and cheaper but for better or worse this is the one I've gone for.


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I am a hive of activity...

...not all of it considered.

I invested 100 pounds in a crypto currency, Feathercoin. I think that's the last I'll be seeing of that. My brain doesn't really start working until about 16 hours after I've woken up, I shouldn't be allowed to make large purchasing decisions before then. I also bought a domain name- thefithbeatle.uk- for a few dollars and a 160gb hard drive (24.99) to store my movie on, as there is no room left on my Mac. The domain is purchased with a view to building a blog that answers questions about the Beatles. Finally, I arranged a viewing of a 1 bed "cottage" in Sunderland on Friday and a 1 bed flat in Margate, right on the seafront, tomorrow. My mum's partner has kindly insured me on his car.

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Staring into the void?

Or back with a vengeance?

7 years, 7 cities. Now it's all behind me...

There was also a man behind me for a large part of my journey this morning. Walking very fast and periodically grunting.

I signed on in Aldershot at 9.10 AM, or Kathmandu as my step-mater pejoratively terms it, on account of the large Nepalese population. Afterwards I waited outside the shopping centre for a few minutes whilst the hold up occasioned from a false alarm kept us shopping centre enthusiasts hanging on. Nay, I'm no fan of malls- I just like their toilets. And I was looking to change my red wonga into blue. Back in PEK terminal 2 I was offered 9.15 net sterling for 100 RMB but I was in a bit of a hurry and decided to exchange over here. Bad mistake. The high street (Natwest, Post Office, Euro wotsit) were offering 60-70 pence less per 100, how is that? I jumped on a train to London to get the best deal I could from a little currency exchange in London Bridge (ACE-FX) and their offer was just shy of what I was offered in Beijing (9.115). I have about 1700 pounds to play with, which won't go far. I give myself a month, maybe two 'til I've nothing to dispose of.

Having bought a cheap day return so I had to kill four hours and I wondered round the city. There were some Chinese dignitaries milling outside Dr Johnson's house with some similarly sharply dressed Brits and a couple of lean Community Police cyclists who fidgeted and played with their helmets. I walked past The Olde Cheshire Cheese and across Waterloo bridge, through the BFI (this month is a celebration of Chinese cinema) and to the NT cafe, where I had a sandwich and traditional lemonade as some sort of theatrical focus group on a table behind me discussed something to do with male sexual mores in a distinctly inhibited sounding manner. Then I killed more time in Waterloo Station, which looks a lot better now it has a mezzanine. You can drink wine or champagne with a meal on a comfortable bench seat overlooking the concourse. Or drink in a bar that now sits flush with those large windows that used to be high up above the passengers. After Waterloo I waited over half an hour at Woking for my train to Aldershot and bought a Cherry coke to stay awake. I didn't envy the computers. I don' t know how much they take home but they looked like prisoners of a grinding routine. All along the route into and out of London I saw Chinese. The news today was about how visa regulations have been relaxed but it's all relative.


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